Go Nuts Whole Bean Coffee 1kg

Experience “Go Nuts,” a captivating blend of four specialty 100% Arabica beans, each with a high cupping score of 87. This multi-award-winning coffee boasts a sweet floral scent with notes of wild jasmine, dark chocolate, honeycomb, almond, orange, and dark berries. Perfect for milk-based coffees, it offers a medium citrus acidity and finishes with a delightful honey and maple syrup aftertaste. Ideal for those who appreciate a rich, sophisticated cup that invites you to indulge again and again.


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Discover the Exhilarating Taste of "Go Nuts"

"Go Nuts" is not just a coffee—it's an experience. Customers often find that just one cup simply isn't enough!

This intricate blend has garnered multiple awards, featuring a quartet of specialty 100% Arabica beans, each boasting an impressive individual cupping score of 87. "Go Nuts" captivates with its sweet, floral fragrance and the enchanting aroma of wild jasmine.

Delve into a sensory journey with rich flavors of dark chocolate, honeycomb, almond, and vibrant hints of orange and dark berries. The medium citrus acidity and a lingering aftertaste of honey and maple syrup enrich every sip.

Designed primarily for milk-based coffee, "Go Nuts" is crafted to delight and impress even the most discerning coffee aficionados.